Together with health system allies, ASCO identifies skill and resource gaps in the health workforce and build their capacity to provide quality sickle cell care at all levels.

Through our network of partners with expertise in Sickle Cell clinical management, we create strategic partnerships with the county department of health to address these skill gaps.

We equip patients and families with leadership skills, organizing and advocacy skills to act collectively towards one goal. Through patient social support networks we provide structure for patients and families to grow, access to social services and exercise their right to health.

Our education, training and exchange programs in order to empower beneficiaries and local community units cope and live empowered normal lives free from stigma or discrimination.

Our model

Gap assessment

Assess knowledge gaps within community and health system.

County government engagement

Liaise with county government to address gaps.

Strategic partnership

Create partnerships to fill gaps.

Impact on health outcomes and policy

Improved availability of SCD health services

Through improved health knowledge and resources to respond to SCD.

Improved accessibility of SCD health services

Through strengthened SCD health systems and delivery at all levels.

Improved affordability of SCD health services

Through strategic partnerships subsidizing cost of care.

Program areas