We engage in sustained advocacy initiatives to increase influence on decision-making around SCD at local, national, regional and international policy levels.

Our advocacy activities inform cic spaces i.e. public participation, county integrated development plans , informs county health systems , budgetary processes and policy.

We have strong relationships and agreements within and across the county. The county government department of health, local policy makers and the office of the first lady. This ensures good political will for continuous budget allocation and policy responding to sickle cell in the country.

Nationally, our advocacy informed National healthcare management guidelines, infant screening advocacy and essential medicines lists.

Globally, our advocacy informs WHO, Africa CDC, Africa Union and global/ regional response to sickle cell.

Impact on health outcomes and policy

Increased national priority for sickle cell

Ministry of Health has increased efforts to prioritize Sickle Cell policy nationally.

Increased funding for SCD

New partnerships established to strengthen early detection and healthcare delivery for sickle cell nationally.